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SaltMalawi is a UK registered charity working to relieve poverty and suffering, to enhance education and to advance the Christian faith, in Malawi and also in parts of Mozambique. We trust that browsing this web site will inform you about our work, and also inspire you to support us in some way.


Latest News - January 2019


Trustee Changes in the UK and Malawi

In the UK, Ian Furlong has resigned from his role as SaltMalawi trustee effective end 2018. We are grateful for Ian’s long and faithful service – he was one of the founding trustees of SaltMalawi in 2009. We have greatly appreciated Ian’s pastoral and church leadership experience, which he brought to us in a practical, thoughtful and prayerful way. Ian and his wife Jan visited the work in Malawi in 2013.

In Malawi, there are also some trustee changes that have taken place recently. The four trustees are:

  • John Seda
  • Biliat Ngoma
  • Aaron Sandikonda
  • Joseph Chisungeni


Challenging Times

The Lotts return to England

Julian and Caroline returned to England in the autumn. This visit was forced upon them by circumstances relating to their work permit, yet also offered them the wonderful opportunity to spend time with their family. News at home in England is good with Tom and Naomi rejoicing in the birth of Hannah in May 2018. Julian and Caroline thank God for Hannah and have greatly enjoyed meeting her and spending time with both of their grandchildren in this trip.

They felt the need to be away from Malawi because the government failed to renew their work permit which expired in April. No reason has been given for this odd decision. Immigration are on record as having recommended approval but the minister of home affairs has discretion to do as she wishes, and after 16 years of work she decided that enough was enough. Apparently she has treated many missionaries in the same way. Travelling without up to date papers had been difficult, so Julian and Caroline recognised the wisdom of waiting at home for a new permit to be issued (hopefully) in response to their appeal. Even today there is no news on whether a new permit will be granted or not. In the event that this position becomes permanent it should be possible to return to Malawi as visitors, but this would be a different way of working. Your continued prayers are requested for this situation.


We are sad to report that on the night of 16th November we received the shocking news of the sudden and unexpected death of Chiyembekezo, the chairman of the group of trustees for the work in Malawi. He was a lovely, gentle man whose name in Chichewa means “hope”. John says that he had not been sick, but that evening had gone to hospital complaining of problems with his throat and died whilst waiting for attention.

Chiyembekezo was a very good friend, a true brother in the faith, a man with whom Julian and Caroline have shared their lives for over 8 years. He leaves his wife and 3 children, the youngest of whom is about 7 years old. Needless to say, Chiyembekezo will be greatly missed. His leaving us means that there is likely to be a huge gap in the work. Please pray for the team left behind that they will find their solace in the Lord, and will rise up to cover the work that Chiyembekezo was doing.

Jesus taught that unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds (John 12:24). Firstly, He was talking about the importance of His own upcoming death, but we have seen the application of this verse to the lives of all of us as His followers. We take comfort too in the fact that the resurrection of Jesus marks His victory over death. He promised that he who believes in Jesus will live, even though he may die. One “day” we feel sure that we will meet Chiyembekezo again.


           Chiyembekezo working with maize



Church Growth

It is good to be able to report that, even in very difficult times, God is continuing to work.

The churches that SaltMalawi supports continue to grow, due in no small part to the hard work, prayer and commitment of our team of leaders in Malawi. Men like John in Dedza, Biliat and Josiah in Lilongwe, Josephy and Innocent in Kasungu and Aaroni and Samwell in Nsanje.

          Leaders from Kasungu
          Leaders from the Nsanje churches


Today we have 43 churches and church plants within these regions. That represents a growth of more than 300% in the past 24 months.

It goes without saying that most of this new work is young, and the new church leaders need much prayer, as well as teaching, to sustain what has begun and to allow that new life to lead to yet more areas becoming exposed to the good news of Jesus Christ.



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